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    Drama key scenes Cathy20155

    What do I need to know bout key scenes( I'm doing romeo and Juliet if it makes a difference)

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      Hi! Cathy! You need to be able to describe what happens in a particular scene and write in the relevant quotations when a question like this is asked in the exam. Some key scenes you may need to know from Romeo and Juliet (I happen to be studying the same play) are:

      -The street brawl in the opening scene (when a Capulet servant ''bite (his) thumb'' at a Montague servant, instigating a ''civil brawl'' that ''disturbs (the) streets'').

      -Romeo encountering Juliet's beauty (He compliments her stating that ''she doth teach the torches to burn bright'')

      -The fight between Romeo and Tybalt.

      -The events leading up to the death of Romeo and Juliet.

      I wont include all scenes, because you should have notes on Romeo and Juliet already. Look at the ''seen'' drama questions on previous exam questions, and be aware of the typical questions they would ask in the exam.

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