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Dreams Of Mice And Men
Ckf2001 Junior Cert English — 01/04/17 5

I've an essay on the importance of dreams in Of mice and men. I'm a bit stuck as if what to write about, any tips and what's to write and how to structure it? It needs to be 2/3 pages long. Thanks!

tutoliscious — 22/11/16
the dreams of george and lennie was to own a hoise of their own
obrian0 — 23/11/16
their dream is ultimately a source of comfort when dealing with the harsh world around them.
Studytonia — 20/03/17
Their dream is to have a house of their own
pikachu — 01/04/17
You could talk about the fact that Curley'so dreamt of becoming an actress but due to the preconceptions of American society in the 1930s this was unachievable
Studytonia — 01/04/17
Yes that too
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