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    English essay help Elisha447

    Are you allowed to scribble down a spider diagram or notes before you write the essay?? For ideas?

    Also does anyone have advice for speech writing ! Thanks :)

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      Learn an introduction, a conclusion and the speech devices

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      Well, that depends on where you did it, you could ask the superintendent for 'planning paper' immediately as soon as the paper starts and use that. Your examiner shouldn't mind but it one the actual answer booklet but it really makes it easier for him/her to mark it. They are under a lot of pressure and marking ONE script take around 40 mins, the last thing they'd like is for them to become confused as to where your answer are in the booklet, but you shouldn't have to worry so much!

      Good luck in 4-ish days!

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      *it in the actual exam booklet

      *answers are in the booklet

      Jeez, I need to proofread my work...XD

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      Okay thanks! I think I will write some notes In the exam booklet I find it really helpful:)

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      Lauren Mcsharry

      how many quotes do you really need. like i have learnt a lot but on average how many ?

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