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    English Junior Cert Help!!!!! SteveHabana

    I am going into 3rd year and I am not from Ireland so I find English slightly hard. I got a low B in Second Year. How could I improve to get a better grade

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      Stevo 123

      If you want to improve at English then study key terms and keep practicing exam papers as this helps with question layout and timing. If you find speaking English hard then maybe have a look at an online dictionary/thesaurus which will improve and expand your vocabulary. This is what I did for my junior cert and I found it relatively comfortable and but I'm still awaiting my results. Also a B for higher level English in second year is a very good result. Also study a few poems (which your teacher would have gone over with you) and your studied drama and studied fiction. But timing is a very big issue and puts a lot of people under pressure so make sure to keep practicing your timing for exam questions.

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      Stevo 123, the problem with practicing exam papers is the new Junior Cert now for English, they won't have past exam papers to practice from.

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