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    English paper 2 Qs for studied questions David2000

    Hints for English paper 2?

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      Yeah have both exams. Examcraft paper in bad conditions.

      What was on the DEB French exam please! ~ Snapchat gusty2 for English.

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      French: Letter- going to see your penpal in Belgium- you are looking forward to the trip- you bought new clothes- you have an important match coming up- you got a new history professor, what is he like?

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      Note- you have left to go to the doctor because you have a pain in your left arm, you have your phone with you and you will be back later

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      What were the Qs for the poetry, drama and novel?

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      Add me on snapchat I'll send you paper 2.

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      Is that deb or examcraft? Bar code on top left if deb top right if examcraft. ( Check your aural paper if you don't remember)

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      I don't have my papers sorry. Can you just give me the Qs here cos my snapchat isn't working ?

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      ScienceExam ~ Examcraft paper 2 ~ Deb paper 2

      If you had the comprehension with the orcas it's examcraft. If not it's deb.

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      Thank you so much

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      Could you resend the studied drama question as it wasn't clear?

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      I'm sorry I don't actually have these papers I got them from other people from studyclix.

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      For higher Poem was a poem that deals with a universal theme and how language helps show it and fiction was unexpected events and play was a relationship and how it contributed to the story plot

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