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    Functional writing help comet7852

    In the front of the English exam papers, it says for functional you should only do 3/4 of a page. But my teacher said to do 6 paragraphs because of the 5marks=1paragraph rule. I want to save time in the exam (is slow writer) but I don't want to be writing too little to get good marks. What do?

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      Functional writing should usually be longer than 2 A4 pages

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      It depends I think. A letter, speech, review, report etc. can be quite long, whereas if you were asked to were asked to write something like the script for a radio ad, it would be quite short.

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      I normally do about a page and a half to two pages for functional writing, but write whatever you can in the test. Quality over quantity! And what's the 5 marks = 1 paragraph rule? Never heard of that in my life haha

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