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    Guide on how to get an A in English Eimear_d

    Hello everyone :)

    Our most recent blog/guide is for Junior Cert English and it's full of advice on how to do really well in this exam.

    You can give it a look by following the link below :)

    Post any of your own tips below if you have them to help everyone out!

    Eimear, Studyclix

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      Thanks, the guide is really helpful

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      how often did you study for english and which topics did you base it on most ?

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      Up until Christmas all I really did was my homework and that was enough but after that I started to do extra essays and exam questions and get my teacher to correct them, and that was my method of study! I'd maybe do one or two extra questions a week. As well as that maybe spend 2 evenings a week learning quotes.

      I studied the "studied" topics the most, as in the drama, fiction and poetry, because they're the ones you can be most prepared for.

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      Thanks very much for that I will adjust my studying method to fit this now ,not long yet

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      You're welcome :)

      Hope it helps.

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      How much study of english do you recommend for the leaving cert?

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      Hi Eimear, I would like to what do you recommend to doing in english during these few weeks before the leaving cert exam?😊

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      Hi :)

      For the LC, at this stage I'd recommend doing some bit of English study every second day if you can. Like above, I think you should be doing out as much extra essays and exam questions as you possibly can, without wearing yourself out. The more you practise the more you will improve so you can't go wrong with this method of study.

      Again, keep studying your quotes so they'll stick in your head easier and try to look over your notes often so you're familiar with all the English techniques, themes, concepts, etc.

      Best of luck :)

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      Thank you very much for your advice Eimear! Thank you for all the leaving cert guidelines aswell, they are really beneficial!😄

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      Thanks Tara!

      Happy to help.

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      If you don't mind me asking how did you get on in the junior cert?

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      Hi David, I got an A. :)

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      Oh very good ,I'll be aiming for that anyways

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      For the personal writing my teacher says to get 4 a4 pages in an hour. Is this correct

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      Yeah that sounds about right. 3 and a half to 4 pages is enough and if you could do it in less than an hour even better because it'll give you time to focus on the other sections as well as time to look over the paper before you finish.

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      What should i learn for all the studied Qs? I know everyone says themes, character etc but the qs are very different each year. Also for drama and staging/techniques what do you write about?

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