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    guys help fecked up poetry question!!!! Nicole7631

    Guys how many marks do you think i could get if i wrote about the poem and not the poet :(((

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      max 15/30

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      It said in the question to refrence it to the poets WORK

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      ya 15/30

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      well im not gonna do well then...

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      well i mentioned the poet himself a couple of times ( i wrote about seamus heaneys poem digging)

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      Im pretty sure if u talked about a poem of the poet it was right cus it said to support your answer with reference to the poets work

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      you'll do fine :)

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      thanks for the help :)

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      If I said in the first like "the poem I have studied is 'midterm break' by seamus heaney" and talked about midterm will I get the marks?

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      is it june 23rd yet

      shit i wrote about how base details affected me

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      i wrote about seamus heaneys poems mid term break, early purges and talked about the effects it had on me and how i felt in the different parts of the poem??

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      Is this higher or ordinary ???

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      This is higher level paper two

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      So many people did this! Oh my god 😩🙈 but yeah 15/30 seems to be the max as you only referred to one poem when they were probably looking for upwards of 2 and a discussion about the poets style of writing etc

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      But I could be very wrong, they may bend the marking scheme a little bit to allow for extra points, I'd say you'll be fine!

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      but they only said discuss the 'work' not works and how a certain work of your chosen poem made you feel right??????????????/

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      EXACTLY, ppl, it says refer to his/her poetry, not the poem. I'm rlly hope u guys are wrong

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      i did the other question, on a poem suitable for a certain occasion (dulce et decorum est=historical anniversary) and wrote pretty much the same thing for both parts, as i didn't know what to say... i'm sure they'll be lenient as so many people have made the mistake.

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      I think it's right if you talk abou the poem and how the poet uses to poem to convey messages that give you different perspectives on ideas. So I wrote about a poem called Revenge and how the poet gives readers new perspectives on the idea of revenge. I dont think you need to do more then one of the poets poem because it does say work not works. i'd say everything will be fine

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      yeah ur right Salman just realized it said refer to her poetry probably the poets style of writing using a work of his as an example so I think it works both ways we can discuss the poet mainly if we want or g into further details about the poets poetry2. get me this is rlly confusing I know

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      I did dulce et decorum est and David how I realised the futility of war by studying it but I inly referred to the one poem what does anyone think ...

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      Thanks so much for all the help lads i really appreciate it :)

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      If youre answer was decent id say you wouldn't lose many marks its g ;) , you probably got well more than me I couldn't finish any of the studied stuff in P2 haha

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      I'd feck you up.

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      you can g'way off me page lad

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      I'd say you lost the full at least half the marks now

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      thanks for your input gal

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