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    Help for English!!!!! Rachelm16

    i got a C in Deb mocks and I'm wondering how I can improve that??? I didn't run out of time or anything. My teacher isn't good and doesn't give us any tips...

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      What did you lose marks on? - The first question you ask yourself.

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      i dont know if your teacher told you this but basically for every question that is 15 marks you have to write 3 points. so basically 5 marks = 1 point.

      also i would also recommend to look at the recommended timing. if your finished too early write a bit more.

      also use the PQE method to structure your answers. PQE stands for point quote and explanation. so you write your point, find a quote from the text and explain it. you do this for all parts of the exam except for functional writing and personal writing.

      thats what my teacher told us i hope i make sense :)

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