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    help me please i need help megananne

    I do really good in English but my problem is I write too much and if that was the case in the exam I would fail. please has anyone else have this problem or even know how to solve it?....... thanks XD :)

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      Hi I have a similar problem but if you write too much its great! just make sure you manage your time in the exam so ask your teacher how long to spend per question :3 hope that helps! XD

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      you just have to make sure that you have enough time in the exam to write what you need and only include relevant topics :) hope this helps:D

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      Thank you so much i really appecaite i will ask her she will definetly know more than me :) ....... thanks angain XD

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      it sur does thank u :D XD

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      Try to make use of spider diagrams or other planning methods. Sounds like it's just wasting precious writing time, but it will help you keep on task and leave you with a more coherent, well laid out answer. Good luck, hope this helps:)

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      time management is a major thing practice at home by giving yourself 20mins for a question

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