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    HELP! Mocks 2016 dublingalfifi

    is it ok if I only have 2 poems,1 play and 1 novel studied?

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      2 poems wouldn't be enough

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      so,how many should I know?

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      1 for each topic / theme that have come up in past papers, some poems can be used for more than 1 topic or theme

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      thanks for the help!

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      So like make a checklist of each topic / theme that have come up in past papers then put the poem that you learnt for that topic beside each

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      I did this and it helps me a lot ^

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      that will be quite difficult because we haven't done that many poems

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      What level are you doing?

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      Oh.... genie mac... bro then you're in trouble here

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      that doesn't make me feel better :(

      What should I do?

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      Get revision book(s), Less Stress More Success or Revisewise are good enough and they should have sample answers on poems for you. If you do get these, make sure you understand the poem yourself and take some time to understand the sample answers. Then you can make these sample answers into your own words - after all, there is no easier sample answer to learn other than your own and when you understand the poem!

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      I am aware of the higher level paper and what you have to do in it because I studied higher English for the first 2 years of secondary school but I found it way too hard for me, ordinary English is much less stressful and easier. Since I am ordinary English, I can't give you sample answers as yours have to be more descriptive and longer than mine.

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      I have the revisewise,I have 'Base Details' and 'Lake isle of innisfree' studied

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      thanks anyway!

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      Why don't you try Less Stress More Success then?

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      you're ok with 1 novel and play as long as you know them well. in them just revise a theme, opening scene, closing scene, climax, a hero and a villian. for the plays you should be looking for a few more. i covered about 15, but i really only studied 4/5 in detail and learnt them off as. i made sure they covered multiple topics i.e nature, love, sadness, poem by the same author and poems that are similar. i did honours english for my junior cert last year and got a B so if you do it write and know everything in detail, youll be grand

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      granners for the poems***

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      i did lake isle of innishfree, daffodils, boys of barr na sraide, i am kerry and another one, but i forget what it was. if you're thinking of doing poems, just cover heaneys with the poems you have as they are grand enough to learn

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      Poems I have studied

      Base Details

      Blackberry Picking

      Shall I Compare Thee?

      Dulce et Decorum Est

      Mid-Term Break

      The Early Purges

      Seamus Heaney (a poet you have studied)

      Funeral Blues

      When You Are Old

      An Irish Airman Foresees His Death

      He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven

      The Road Not Taken

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      1 poem is even plenty that's all I learned for jc...and I got a b in it

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      you were just lucky then ^

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      Yeah have to agree with Barryoh32 absolute madness learning anymore and I only learned 1 for the junior cert and also got a B sryanbruen you don't need all them poems whatsoever!!!!

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      So I just stick to Mid Term Break - my main one I have been choosing for my school tests?

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      I have base details,daffodils,lake isle of innishfree and the general.

      Thanks to everyone for the advice!

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      What to study for English Paper 1 (what to study for functional writing and personal writing and media studies)?

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      For the mocks just mid term break will do you

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      Dulce et decorum est would too

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      I haven't studied those poems but thanks anyway!

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      I think he was referring to me dublingalfifi

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      Oh whoops

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      What are the most common topics in functional writing and personal writing?

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      I have 6 learned and they cover everything

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