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    how do you get an a or is it even possible? Readelly2251

    i really want to get an A in english is this even possible?

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      Yes it is certainly possible, learn quotes for your drama and make a plan before your story so it isn't too messy or you don't go off point! Being totally honest I got a C in my mocks, I started studying for my junior cert 2 days before the JC, I don't recommend it!! you should definitely study way before the exams! But it's so possible, and keep practising story/ speech writing and go with whatever suits you

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      And I got an A in my exam btw

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      thanks ;)

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      What's the best style of writing for the personal writing section?

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      Whatever style suits you. If you have a good imagination go for the story but if you're more formal and rather speech writing I would choose the speech. It all comes down to what style of writing you're more comfortable with/ suits you better

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