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    How many marks will I get for screwing up studied poetry Salman

    the question was: poems have the power to change both the way we think and the way we feel. it says then to pick a poet and explain how the poem spplies to his or her poetry. I thought it said poem not poetry so I wrote about 1 poem

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      You should get 10 at the least, depending on the examiner

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      i did the same. id say you wont loose too many marks but its hard to know.

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      Yeah I doubt you'll be deprived of that many marks I talked about 3 but I'd say you'd get away with it, as long as you named the poet I'm sure they won't be THAT strict

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      ty so much, I rlly hope u guys r rite. good luck in tomorrows exam

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      Youll be fine thats not a big problem.

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      i did about the poem but then loads about the poet too

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      I never even realised until now! I only mentioned the poets name a few small things about what he talks about!' :(

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      you get 5 marks for namaing the poet and the poem

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