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    How many poems to study ? k_10

    So I have studied : Sylvia Plath - Child, Morning Song, Philip Larkin - Wedding song, Robert Frost - The road Not Taken, Wilfred Owen - Dulce Et Decorum Est, W.B Yeats - The lake of Inisfree, The wild swans at Coole . So are theses enough ? what ones do you recommend me studying ? and if these are way too many , can tell me which ones to focus on ? Thank you !

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      In my own opinion , that is a lot and is enough! Last year when I did my Junior Cert I learned only 3 poems off by heart. Learn something about war , love , nature and you'll be fine. Just know what you'll be talking about.

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      thanks @tinash

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      Like tinash said, you'll be grand with those three themes as a minimum. Simply go through past exam papers and see how often you can fit the same poem into the question! Then you can truly see how many you need to study. For me, I only have to learn

      Dulce et Decorum Est - War

      Mid-Term Break - Death / Grief (Funeral Blues also - because I adore that poem)

      The Early Purges - Nature

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      thank you ! @SryanBruen

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      Instead of learning Dulce et Decorum Est I learnt an Irish Airman Forsees his Death is that OK to use for war. I have already learnt midterm break and early purges

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      Yes that is ok Mattmoo.

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      I am a A grade student, I have currently received my mock and I am shocked to say that I got an A2 ? like I am an A1 student. can anyone help me? thanks chicken wings:)

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      k_10 would you have notes on them poems you could send me please

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      I learned of 8,_,

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      @k_10 would you have notes that you could send me on them

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      @sophie544 I unfortunately don't , I'm sorry they are all written down ..

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