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    how much to write for 30 mark question? student331

    So would I do 3 points and give more explanation or do 6 points?

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      6 points in my opinion but good question!

      5 marks - 1 easy sentence

      5 x 6 = 30 marks

      So this where I find that 6 points should be how much to write. However, make sure to give a bit of explanation on each, do not just state.

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      For thirty marks you should have about 1 page written

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      Yeah that's another way of saying it. 6 points you could fit into 5 paragraphs I think and that is like a page.

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      Thank you.

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      Minimum 8 paragraphs : intro , 6 pqe , conclusion

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      8 paragraphs genie mac! I never did that many paragraphs haha.

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      You should have an opening para a closing para and at least 4 detailed point. The closing and opening dont have to be too long just three to four sentences.

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      using the pqe structure, you should have 5-6 paragraphs

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      My teacher said for 10 marks about 3/4 of a page.. So for 30 marks 2 and a bit.. It worked for me anyway

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      It's 1-2 paragraphs for 10marks, 2-3 for 15 marks, 3-4 for 20 and 5-6 for 30 using the point,quote,explain structure. It also depends on how much you yourself can write in the time limit

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      for 30 marks, you want 5 PQE +intro and conclusion

      for 20 marks, you want 4 PQE +intro and conclusion

      for 15 marks, you want 3 PQE "

      for 10 marks you want 2 PQE "

      This is how much for an A standard, but i presume you need less if youre aiming for a lower grade

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