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How Much to Write for Personal Writing
gra_hutcheson Junior Cert English — 02/06/16 7

I understand that the rule of thumb is for every 5 marks allocated you should write 1 paragraph, but for the personal writing (with 70 marks going for it) should I really be writing 14 paragraphs!?

comet7852 — 31/05/16
No I suggest writing 2 and a half pages
davidogrady — 31/05/16
around 3 and a half to four pages i think
gra_hutcheson — 31/05/16
*Also I understand I should be writing 3 pages, just wondering about the number paraghraphs
gra_hutcheson — 31/05/16
Thanks :)
davidogrady — 31/05/16
Sorry about that ����
student331 — 31/05/16
In my opinion, the number of paragraphs you decide to do is up to you. Start a new paragraph when you make a new point. It should be 3 and a half pages minimum like someone jut said but it's really down to your writing.
DarParty — 02/06/16
2 or more at least if you want to get near 70
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