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    How to improve on grade from mocks? Tips on what exactly to study in English? k_10

    So I got a B in my mocks, and i really want an A. But the problem is I really don't have a clue ow to study for English, especially for studied poetry,drama and fiction. I have gathered all the quotes that I think are useful and have done a few of the exam paper questions. I was just wondering what to study for each section. Thanks :)

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      Reading - There is nothing to study for. However, all you can do for this section is practising exam questions and get the PQE technique into your head. Examiners are always looking out for PQE answers.

      Personal Writing - I am accepting that you know this question well? For this section, all you need is a good imagination and a good sleep! (Sleep sometimes helps to give you inspiration the coming day believe it or not LOL)

      Functional Writing - Again practice exam questions. You MUST know the layout of each type such as the differences between a formal and an informal letter or how to write a speech or review. Layout of these goes for very high marks!

      Poetry - Study the different poetic techniques. For the questions on the unseen poem, use the PQE method again. If you state a poetic technique that is used in a quote in the poem but you get the question wrong, the examiner might still give you marks for showing that you know these techniques (make sure it's the right technique also...). For the studied poetry, you should go through your exam papers and then list each theme or subject that came up in each paper. Then name a poem you have studied that can fit into each. Remember that you can fit a poem into multiple themes or subjects. In the end, you will see how often you can use the same poem - which is the one you should focus studying on. As long as you understand what the poet's message in the poem is and a couple of quotes, this question is a piece of cake!

      Drama - Just like the other comprehensions, remember to use the PQE method. For the studied film / play question, you should know your film or play inside out. You should know the theme and plot of the play or film at least. Like the poetry thing, go through your exam papers. Have your sample answer in front of you and then make the sample answer suit the question. This is because each one is different and is generally not a theme like the poetry. It is something like "an important relationship between two characters" etc. Once you try this method and have completed your exam papers on this question, you are ready for studied drama.

      Fiction - Comprehensions again, PQE method. For the studied short story or novel, it's exactly like Drama. Do I need to say it all again?

      Media Studies - Make sure you know different techniques the media use such as puns.

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      thank you @sryanbruen

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      Sit with your teacher and ask him/her... They would probably be able to guide you best as they mark your exams :)

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      what are the layouts to use for the functional writing we haven't done this

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      Informal letter

      Your address in the top right corner

      Blank line


      Skip this line

      Dear (and the name of the person you are writing to)

      Three paragraphs

      Yours sincerely,

      Your name

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      Formal letter

      Your address in the top right corner

      Blank line


      Skip this line

      The address of the person you are writing to (on the left side of the page)

      Dear Sir / Madam (To whom it may concern you could right instead sometimes)

      Three paragraphs (varying by types of formal letters of what goes into each)

      Yours faithfully,

      Your name

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      P1: Your introduction. Introduce yourself and why you're here today

      P2: Your first reason on why you're for or against the topic

      P3: Your second reason on why you're for or against the topic

      P4: Your third reason on why you're for or against the topic

      P5: Your conclusion. State "and that is why, I am for or against this topic" (don't say exact words as here, say which one you are).

      If you cannot come up with a third reason, then have your conclusion as P4 instead

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      News report

      P1: Who? What? When? Where?

      P2: Why?

      P3: Quotes or statements.

      P4: Outlook for the future.

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      Report on an issue








      ^ You also have to include these headings!

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      4 paragraphs

      In your paragraphs, you should include

      - The title of the film, book or CD

      - The name of the director, author or band

      - Some background information (not necessary but for HL especially, you should include some if you know the thing you're reviewing)

      - A summary of the book, CD or film

      - Your opinion

      - Recommendations (would you encourage others to experience or see it?)

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      thanks so much is that all theyd ask you in the functional writing?

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