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    How to study ? k_10

    I have no idea how to prepare myself for this exam and to be honest it is probably my weekest subject overall. I haven't yet studied and the mocks are a month away. Any quick help ? P.s I am doing MOV and TKAMB ? Thank you :)

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      English was my weakest subject!! For TKAMB I'd focus on the main characters and one or two key scenes and I had points on racism like details about racism that we pick up through the the book. All I can remember learning about MOV is the trail scene.... so maybe the trail scene and some characters.

      I'm in leaving cert now put going through the exam papers and looking at every years questions on for example the play or novel question, there is over lap and questions do repeat they might be asked differently but you will findo yourself using the same material over and over again! I wish I had gone through my exam papers properly and realised that there was a lot of repetition, it's nearly the same for all subjects

      Hope this helped. Best of luck in your exams don't get too stressed! Take the mocks as a chance to get organised with notes and it's only a practice run for the real exam (the real exams aren't as frightening as the mocks)

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      thank you !!!

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      I'm also doing TKAMB and MOV for the JC and what I find helps is when studying characters in TKAMB and MOV is to write out six points about the character (remember 6 points per each 30 mark question) with a quote to back up each point. This is also helpful when studying important themes/scenes

      For MOV I would focus on the Trial Scene and both the opening and closing scenes of the play. Good themes to study would be the theme of love, theme of hatred and the theme of appearance vs. reality.

      For TKAMB the Court Scene is also a good scene to study, although it's more common for them to ask about themes than scenes in TKAMB. Main themes are racism and prejudice.

      Good characters to study for MOV would be Antonio, Shylock or Bassanio.

      Good characters to study for TKAMB would be Atticus, Jem or Scout.

      Hope this helps! Best of luck in your exams!

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      If struggling with TKAMB buy the Shortcuts To Success revision guide on it. Also to learn a lot of quotes quickly, plaster your wall at a desk (or somewhere you'd often be) with quotes on sticky notes. It really helps me and is the only way I can learn my quotes.

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