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    how to study for mocks :( valdez460

    help plzz

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      what do you need help in?

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      english- poetry,media study, drama


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      o lol

      if your doing poetry you must know what is going on in the poetry

      if you know the poem, like happy or sad loneliness or war you are able to write so much

      i never learned notes becuz its important to undertsand them.

      for history concentrate on your exam papers. look at the pattern of the questions learn the chapter and then try exam question maybe that would be easier

      the best thing is to look at exam paper.! if you dont know something just go back n revise the chapter and try all questions that appear in exam papers

      :D hopefully that'll get you marks

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      just do exam questions victor nd if u dont know the answers look them up, it will stay in your mind if you keep doing it

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      sound lads :D

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      Use Youtube information videos for explanations.Simplify your notes into easy notes to learn off :)

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      I've done my paper 1 for English, every1 said it was easy enough, so it might be like that for you too. Paper 2, make sure you are familiar with your studied fiction/drama, make sure you are familiar with a few studied poems, and make sure you know all the poetic terminology. Unstudied fiction/drama/poetry will probably be the hardest part, so make sure you know how to answer on that

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