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    I heard you have to do a speech for JC English 2017?! naxmax9

    What should I talk about?

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      What are you interesed in????

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      What are you interested in?

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      I'm not sure whether you mean writing a speech or actually presenting one, but I interpreted the question as the latter anyway.

      According to my teacher, we might have to write a speech in the exam, but we won't have an oral examination in front of an examiner. He said the exam could ask us to describe the experience of giving a presentation or speech in front of people, but that the exam won't include an actual oral. I haven't actually heard anything about it myself, but that's what my English teacher told me.

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      Renitha R

      We basically have to choose a topic that interests us and prepare a 2 minute speech on that topic. We have to give that speech in front of our class and our teacher will grade us. I think it counts for some percent of our junior cert

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      Does it count as part of the continuous assessment which is worth 40% of your whole JC English mark?

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      I was told that we are to prepare a 3 minute speech and it will be recorded and sent to an examiner. It's worth 20÷ and the other 20÷ is for two of your best written pieces. Then 60÷ will be a 2 hour examination in June.

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      Renitha R

      It's part of the continuous assessment so yeah it's some percentage in the 40%.

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      Renitha R

      It's best 4 written pieces , your teacher will help you choose

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      Ok thanks. If you're wondering why I'm asking (and I've already done me JC, June 2016), it's because I help students understand the new JC English.

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      Ya!man you gotta do a speech as its the new JC bro

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      We were told that the continuous assessment for the new jc English exam was only worth 10%.Where is everyone getting the 40% figure from??

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      EVERYWHERE kevdog, it's 40%, dunno where you got 10% from.

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      Our teacher told us it was 10%!!

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      Your teacher told you false information.

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      Does anyone have a concrete source from the SEC or something similar? Everyone seems a bit confused at the moment.

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      All sources here in this search

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      TOLD YA I DON'T LIE!!!

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      Thanks SryanBruen that's really helpful.Maybe she meant the speech is worth 10%..I'm very confused now!

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      Thanks SryanBruen. Still, I wish they'd release more details about the exam and what the 40% is made up of; if they have I haven't seen it.

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      Thanks SryanBruen. I'll do mine on Video game development

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      the new junior certs is actually pretty good

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      The junior cycle English course was revised last year & the oral communication & collection of writing are now separate to the final exam. There is no % for them as they are classroom-based assessments. The Assessment Task (10%) in Dec is about the writing process & then there's a 2hr exam (90%) in June.

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      PROOF MRABE101 and it was revised back in 2014..... when the new Junior Cert English began.

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      Yeah & it revised again last year: There is no 60/40 anymore

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      I'm not seeing ANY PERCENTAGES, no 60/40, no 90/10.

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      Have you read about this:

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      No I did not, thanks for sharing.

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      The Unions got the Dep of Ed to drop the 40% for the 2 classroom-based assessments. The CBAs now are to be completed but only carry a Descriptor grade such as Above Expectations & are reported by the school. In Dec of 3rd yr students are to sit an Assessment Task (10%) which is a reflection about the writing process & this is sent off with the June exam (90%) to the SEC & students next Sept will get their grade which will now be Distinction, Higher Merit etc & not As, Bs.

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      Well since I was not aware of this (as now you have my belief fully), ignore my comments please everybody and sorry.

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      The course is messed up at the moment and I am not sure if we will even get the percentage for the assessments. I think it depends on where your school is at in terms of the unions but I mean all of the students are kind've stuck for the moment

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      And its English, who gives a fuck if you can't earn the 10% lol

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      You may not EA01 but a lot of students do. And specifically the students who want to get an A.

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      Our whole year was chuffed when they heard about the no oral thing

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