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    i offer english help 12345cw

    For anyone struggling with the essay section in English paper one, I would advise having around 2 characters in your back pocket that you can fit into different plots. If anyone wants to, you can tell me the kind of character you are looking for and I will create a character profile for you.

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      someone with swagger whos laid back pls

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      Name: Austin Daniels

      Age: 33

      Occupation: Unemployed

      Lives: Rough area in a city ie inner city of Dublin, London etc

      Health: Previous prescription drug addict, now just smoke marijuana

      Possible plots: The story could revolve around him trying to clean his life up, finding out he has a kid and having to get himself together, a problem he has with the authorities etc

      Traits: Laid back, loud, obnoxious, likes to drink and unintelligent.

      Relationship status: Single, no previous marraiges

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      WOW!!! THANKS.

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