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    Junior cert English exam q Elisha447

    Can anyone recommend a poem which would have personal meaning.. I can't find a suitable poem... I have done the wild swans at Coole and the road not taken and a few poems by seamus Heaney??

    Does anyone know if anyone of those poems have personal meaning? I don't know what to say for it (homework) i'm doing the 2004 exam questions?? Thanks X

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      Mid-term break is a good one. You might have done it as it's by Seamus Heaney and it's a popular poem. It's about his personal experience of when his brother, Christopher, died when he was away at boarding school.

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      Ya I've done it thank you I'll use that one x

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      No problem :)

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      'When all the others' another Heaney. Mother son relationship.

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      Midterm Break by Seamus Heaney!

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