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junior cert english speeches
lollyf Junior Cert English — 07/06/16 5

does anyone have any tips on junior cert english speeches? PLEASE HELP

rachael7 — 06/06/16
Make sure to have a good introduction and a good conclusion/closing and make sure to address your audience in both, thanking them for listening to you etc. Include at least 5 good points, with those and your introduction and conclusion you should get good marks. Make sure to give your opinion on both sides and finally look over past speeches to have an idea on what comes up often and link your paragraphs. Hope that helps sorry it's long
FukDaJC — 06/06/16
Do a short story instead
minim — 06/06/16
Speech is a good option and if you follow rules u often score way better than those writing short stories
JulesMoon — 06/06/16
Hello! I am a Public Speaking All Ireland winner who got 70/70 on a speech in her Mocks so I hope to help! Firstly; -Good emotional, effective hardhitting first line then I advise you to write 'Ladies and Gentlemen' and continue. -Quotes, you can even make them up -Try to keep your points clear and organised. -Appeal to the audience and their emotions by using 'we', 'us', 'you' and anecdotes/ personal experiences. -Use similes and imagery to make your point more effective. -Vary your vocabulary but make it relevant to who you think the target audience of the speech it. -Sound PASSIONATE, maybe you don't actually care about the topic but make it seem like it is the most important thing in your life! -Thank us all at the end! -Maybe suggest some research or the likes, I like you use even song references, nursery rhymes or books if I haven't got any facts on the topic eg; Does money make you happy- the nursery rhyme where the king sits around counting his money. Hope this helped and happy to give more if you have any questions :)
mh2000 — 07/06/16
JulesMoon, have you got any good phrases or sayings that can be used in speeches? or have you got any phrases other than 'ladies and gentlemen' as when i do speeches i feel like i write it too much
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