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    Lads any predictions? for p1 or p2 Nicole7631

    lads anyone got any predictions for tomorrow like im fecked anyway haha but sure some predictions would'nt hurt hahaha

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      lads here this is a big deal can someone help me out haha

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      things that the poet uses (imagery and stuff)

      Characters in the novel

      A strong theme in the play

      Good luck fam and may the odds be ever in your favour

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      Novel: An outcast character, the setting of the novel, relation between two characters, theme.

      Drama: A character and his relationship with another, stage directions, tension in a dramatic scene

      Good Luck:)

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      have some idea on how to direct a scene its almost guaranteed to show in a unseen or studied question

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      i'd say a comprehension about emojies will come up

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      Comprehension on Rothko

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