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    Length of answer? MShelly

    I don't know how long my answers for my studied work should be e.g. studied poetry, fiction and drama. Also how long should me functional writing be? :)

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      around 2 pages

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      Kavya Ann Regi

      Your functional writing should be around 1 a4 page and a half

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      look how many marks is going for your studied poetry,fiction or drama and aim to write that many lines. If a question is 15 marks pick 3 points and write 5 lines on each or if 10 pick 2 or 20 pick 4 and so on. It makes it easier to write your answers and that is for all of the english paper its a good guideline. Hope this is helpful :)

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      thanks everyone!:)

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      If a question is worth 10 marks write two paragraphs , 15 marks 3paragraphs and so on and always make sure to back up your points

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