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    Merchant of Venice Key Scenes ? k_10

    So i have studied the bond scene where antonio and shylock have made the deal, the scene in which jessica leaves shylock and the courtroom trial scene . Is there any other key scenes that i should probably study ? what ones did you guys study ?

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      Ruairi D'Arcy

      james bond scene?

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      the courtroom scene

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      act 1 scence 1 and scence 2 and the trail scence

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      Act 5 scene 1

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      the one where jessica leaves is not a very important scene and give importance instead to the scene where lots of princes cum 4 portia's hand in marriage and where she talks about wat she thinks of thm all. u can use this if a q cums up it says to describe personalities of a character and u will be able to say tht portia is prejudice

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      Trial scence

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      I'd say the most prominent scene was the one where the rats attack and tie up the health inspector, so Remy can successfully cook the Ratatouille for the Food Critic and Guseau's restaurant from closing. This scene really encapsulates the feeling of family and teamwork that is evident throughout this masterpiece of film. Hope this helped xoxo - El Squarbo

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      the key scene for me is when the lad drops the toaster in the bath as your one juillet bathes

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