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    Mock Result laughterislife

    I got 67% in my english mock and am not at all happy with it. I am usually a B student in English and have never got a result like this before. Does anyone know any tips so I could improve? I really want an A or a B in June!

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      You need to be more specific on this:

      - What sections in particular did you lose marks on?

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      Everywhere really-I just got on average a poor result in each section. I did very poorly in my studied fiction and got 15/30. I got 22/40 in my functional writing but I was very stuck on that question so I understand why I did so poorly. I got 46/70 in my personal writing and 28/40 in media studies. I got 17/30 in my studied play and 12/20 in a question in poetry. I have never got results this bad before and although I was unhappy with my paper, I did not expect such disapointing grades.

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      Well here are your % on each section (according to those results):

      Studied fiction - 50%

      Functional writing - 55%

      Personal writing - 66%

      Media studies - 70%

      Studied play - 57%

      Poetry - 60%

      It looks like you should pay more attention to your studied fiction and your functional writing according to these results! What did you have to do for the functional writing?

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      I had to write a blog post for my school entitles "We are what we wear".

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      You have from now until June to go back and study all your studied drama fiction and poetry. When the exams are on you should know these inside out including quotes!! Work on essay writings as it is worth nearly 20% if you don't like stories I think the speech is easier to get marks! Other than that there is not much you can do!! Just write as much as you can and ask for more paper! I got 72% but am hoping for a higher mark as English is really the only subject I am good at.. Good luck xx

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      Thank you! I think I lacked quotes in my answers! English is my worst subject even though I love it!

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      Yeah i am the same as you laughterislife. I got A's and B's in Christmas and class test but i got 56 percent for the mock... Really peeved off

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      Jesus Christ, that is a hard title to write about "We are what we wear", I can really understand how you got kind of a low mark for that, I could not do that! If a letter ever comes up (it don't matter if it didn't on your mock) on functional writing, I'd advise you to do that option as long as you know your letter layouts. For studied fiction, are you doing a studied short story or studied novel? If both, then which are you mainly focusing on for your exam? For example, I studied The Sniper (short story) and Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry (novel) but I am focusing on my novel.

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      Yeah, it feels like all the hard work put in was worthless!

      Yeah, I was stuck on what to write for that for ages and it wasted so much time! Yes, I think I'll definitely do a letter if it comes up because I can write very well in formal language!

      We're doing just To Kill a Mockingbird the novel! And Merchant of Venice for the play

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      What came up for your novel question if you can remember? Mine was an exciting ending - and since it was a choice question, I did not do it because of that. What a horrific question, even the English teachers think so in my school.

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      I wrote about how the author's style of writing affected my enjoyment of the novel. I wrote about the fact that it is writing from a child's perspective on a serious issue, her character and humor I think. I ran out of time so it was a bit short at about 2.5 pages of large writing. I think I lacked enough reference to the text also. I would I liked that question because the ending of my novel is quite dramatic!

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      If you think you lacked reference to the text, then there's your answer to bringing up your grade! Make sure to always reference to any text including reading comprehensions, poems, short stories, everything! You were marked harshly (I would of given you a B on this question if you did that, an A if you referenced to the text) because these are the mocks after all. Mocks are marked hard compared to the real thing but the great thing about the mocks is that they don't matter at all - so don't be worrying that you got a bad result in English. Yeah but my novel had no exciting ending haha, neither did any other novels other classes studied.

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      Yeah I think that brought me down quite a bit! Yeah I'm just going to put it behind me and focus on the real thing! Ah that must have been difficult! What was the other option?

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      Since I did not have an exciting ending in my studied novel, I did not do Fiction which luckily was a choosing section (I am ordinary). But even if I am ordinary, I know what higher is like because I was once in it for my first 2 years and term 1 of 3rd year.

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      I did my junior cert last year and I did a report in both the mock and JC and found it was so easy to get marks in. It could come up in unseen stuff so into it does then do it. I had never done one before the mocks and still got 13/15 in it.

      I got 66% in my mocks and a B into ft tnx the real thing

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      Our schools mock papers were horrible. Highest in the class was 80% and our teacher was really disappointed... My friend gave our teacher the same essay she wrote in the mock for her to correct and she gave her 65/70 but in the mock she got 44/70. Also , most peoples papers had a smoke smell coming off them... Not good

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      Laughterislife would u happen to have a picture of the essay titles on your mock paper I lost mine and we have to do an essay over easter

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      Also laughterislfe a style feature question is very hard to do on a play or novel so I would recommend not doing that question I did the other question on the paper and got 26 out of 30 it is a much easier option

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      it all depends on the corrector. in english it is pretty much opinion by the corrector. i usually got b's and i got a D1 in my pre, my tecaher went through it with me and said i deserved more marks than i got, the pres are never really marked fair in my opinion

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      Yeah actually well done for pointing that out LaurenMoore. English is corrected very subjectively and correction of a question can vary through all different correctors / examiners.

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