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    New Juinor Cert Cameron Kenny

    How does the new junior cert work? And how does it work?

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      Only English for current second years. On any work or behaviour during your Junior Cycle course, you are graded out of 40% of your overall mark. This is known as continuous assessment. Meanwhile, 60% is given to you by doing an exam at the end of third year in June. Two differences compared to the old Junior Cert which I am doing:

      *Continuous assessment (40%) instead of 100% on a written paper in June of third year

      *Different paper layout

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      i am currently in second year. i am just wondering, is it for the current first years and every other year after them or just for us specifically, as a trial year?

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      marywballyvee it's every year from your year backwards. You only do English for the new JC whilst this year's first year do the following:




      *Business studies

      More subjects come in for the first years (current 6th classes) in 2016 / 17

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      Cameron Kenny

      I'm in second year and we are only doing the new juinor cert for English

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      Yeah I know that's what I said?

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      Another difference with the new junior cert for current third years is thr fact that there is only one two hour long paper. The old jc had two 2.5 hour papers

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