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    Novel HL Adriana_9459

    Is it possible to use a book you've read at home rather than the one you learned at school? I was thinking of using harry potter if there's a hard question haha

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      as long as H.P isn't the one given yep

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      Your not allowed actually because theres a list of novels you are allowed do...

      and go down towards the bottom...sorry xoxo

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      i'm calling BS on that Olive,we've done the Hunger Games and it's not there,I highly doubt our teacher would have us do a novel we can't use

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      youre so fucking lucky that your teacher is cool^^

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      I just asked my teacher she said you can use another novel but it cant be too modern e.g harry potter :-(

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      Olive, that is for the new JCSA, doesn't apply to our JC.

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