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    omg what was that????.... carolinaaplasencia

    The exam was just horrible and the personal writing titles were just ughh.....I feel like it was just not really up to exam standard. Any1 suffer from time management. Ramble on in the comment sect.

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      I honestly found the personal writing easy

      But for me the hardest thing was the studied section in paper 2 *_*

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      yep...nearly everyone in our school had timing problem...i finished on time but i wrote like crazy hope i didnt mess up..what do u think ull get?

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      Nadine S

      The titles were awful i just used the one about the emoji.

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      I found paper 1 okay, and I was okay on time. I had a story prepared that i'd written before, it was just dumb luck that it fitted perfectly with the opening a dark door title. Time management was okay, I had a watch but Media studies oh Media studies. First of all I rambled about Isis and then I started going on about religious intolerance. My test is just so bad (paper 2 was way harder than paper 1 for me)

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      I really struggled in fiction... I thought the titles for personal writing weren't that bad but I don't think mine was that good, I don't think it made much sense 🤕 Thank god for the letter in functional writing though, amirite

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      Oh god yeah I needed that

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      Omg it was so horrible!! The studied drama was fine but the poetry and fiction was awful I did so bad! None of my sample answers worked for anything :(

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      is it june 23rd yet

      i can't decide how i did. sometimes i think it was a d, sometimes i think it was terrible. personal writing was tough, unseen fiction was shite

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      Omg I'm so happy to see that I'm not the only one that struggled with paper 2 😂

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      Paper 2 was really hard undoubtedly

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      I think I am getting a B or C or D:( but def not dat A we will see in sept 4 mths to go...............

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      My timing was so bad for p2 especially. They give us so much to write with like hardly any time!!

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