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    P1 and P2 what order? Aidandaly2kPro

    For paper one, which section would be best to do first and in what order because I'm not great at time managing. Also for paper two.

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      Start in what you feel is your best topic my teacher gave us these timings to follow,

      paper 1

      reading comprehension-30 minutes

      personal writing- 1 hour

      functional writing- 30 minutes

      media studies- 30 minutes

      paper 2

      drama - studied- 25 minutes

      - unseen- 20 minutes

      poetry-studied-25 minutes

      - unseen- 20 minutes

      fiction-studied- 25 minutes

      - unseen 20 minutes

      hope this helps x

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      My teacher said start with the Personal Writing because your creativity will be flowing and you'll be more energetic as opposed to the end of the exam when you'll be more sluggish and tired. But what ever you do don't go over the hour for personal writing or you won't have time for anything else. This is what I'm going to do as its the question worth the most marks!

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      That's what I thought I'd do first c_walsh2000 thanks

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