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    Paper 2 help Diana

    What poems should study for higher?

    I've done Hope is a Thing With Feathers (Emily Dickinson), Mid-Term Break, Early Purges and Digging( Seamus Heaney) Dulce Et Decorum Est (Wilfred Owen) Basking Shark ( John F. Deane) After The Titanic( Derek Mahon) Going Home To Mayo (Paul Derkin) and The Lake Isle of Innisfree(W B Yeats)

    Also what should I study for novel? (Of Mice and Men)

    What for the drama?(Romeo and Juliet)

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      For Of mice and men learn 5 key quotes for each of the characters of Lennie, George and Curley. Learn another 5 quotes about the mercy killing of Lennie and this will cover you if they ask for an unexpected development/Ending of the novel/ an exciting or tense part 👍

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      the book mice and men is very good book to read if u know it you are short for the big exam on Wednesday :)

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