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    Personal essay length XXX---XXX

    Hi, I'm just wondering how long the personal essay in paper 1 has to be. I have prepared one for the junior cert and it's about 1000 words long. In the mocks I wrote a speech about 2 A4 pages long and got 70 marks for it. I'm wondering if 1000 words is just enough or too much.


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      It really depends on the size of your writing. Like in the mock when you wrote 2 A4 pages how many words did you fit in? If you could fit in about 1000 words in 2 pages then i would say you are alright since you got so many marks.

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      I got about 600 words in that speech which is a bit short I guess, nevertheless thanks for the info!

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      My teacher says just to keep writing if youve got the time, more isnt going to hurt :)

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