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    Personal Essays?? (HL) dervla1999

    Hey I was just wondering about conclusions at the end of personal essays? I'm okay with the rest of the essay but does anyone have any tips on conclusions? My essays always end abruptly because I can't do a conclusion properly.

    Thanks in advance!

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      The ending of essays should always be thought-provoking and convince the examiner you deserve the marks. Often, by referring to a point you made earlier on in the essay or implying a wide variety of "cliffhanger" techniques makes, as our teacher says, "wet themselves. It is a technique often overlooked and sometimes it is just the simplest of endings that have the biggest of impacts on the reader.Our teacher, who is an ex head examiner, tells us that your paper can be brought up from a measly result to a somewhat impressive result with a concluding paragraph. I hope you found this helpful.

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      Thank you so much :)

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