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    Personal Writing-70 marks!!!! Christy

    Hey guys well done today!!! I've two down 12 more to go!

    How do you think you did altogether

    What title did you choose for personal writing

    How well do you think you did in personal writing itself?

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      I think I did pretty well expectations: B VS reality:C

      I honestly think the mock were much easier!

      I did the title called the skill I'm most proud of or something like that

      And if I was to be brutally honest I'd say I did pretty well in my personal essay and I expect at least a B in it

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      I did the speech which was easy enough if you had the information, I'd say I got 50-60 marks. What about yourself?

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      i did include phrase

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      i did a personal essay I thought I did okay 55-60 marks hopefully

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      I did stargazing

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      nice choice how well do you think you did

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      I think I scored 60 marks or over. In the pre I got 64/70 but I felt as if the one I did for the junior cert was better

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      i did a tremendous

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      i did a tremendous silence

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      Interesting. I was going to do that but I felt as if I couldn't really describe a tremendous silence that well. What was your plot?

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