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    Poetry for you to study (by me) SryanBruen

    Here are my poems that you could study yourself and are very easy to understand. They are all wrote by me.

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      'Teacher's Pet'

      English is what I find the most difficult

      But at least I know it'll give great life use

      Having you teaching me is like a miracle

      You're a great comedian for giving me the juice

      Some people call me the teacher's pet

      You are certainly not a dosser

      We've had some good times, I will not forget

      I find it boring but you try to make me an english master

      You're nice, thin and very young

      Without you, the school is no fun

      It don't matter if I'm tired nor sleepy

      However, you know I'm not trying to be weepy

      You give me the key to success

      Whether it is hard or boring

      My behaviour's not the best

      But I try my best while working

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      'One Christmas'

      That one christmas was a success

      Although it was never the best

      I lie with my sobbing eyes heartbreaking

      Whilst she lays in agony, call waiting

      Pain runs through the atmosphere

      My life gets controlled by fear

      Like a darkroom where negatives have developed

      My heart of stone starts travelling to heaven

      Let it rain, let it pour

      Wash my pain, out the door

      The senior narrator gets abandoned and bereft

      And stares up at the sky wondering how much time is left

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      'Rain Over Me'

      Happiness is a treasure, to me these days

      Every day passing by, is worthless since that August

      Life is callous, like a stormy day

      Suicidal thoughts were blank, when it was all flawless

      Many promises and my heart, have been shattered

      Malicious mankind, in such a big world

      Been through disasters, like walking under a ladder

      But this time, it's way much worse

      Tears are words, the heart can't say

      I get lost, inside my mind

      But sometimes, you gotta pretend everything is okay

      Even though there is no good in goodbye

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      Rising up from slumbers ready to tolerate life's dilemmas

      Recalling back when I was just a kid, I was fearless

      Hiking through the snow on glacial pavements

      Participating with other youth and the childhood amazement

      Watching the sky powder all Winter long over us

      People with the flu and others saying what's the fuss

      Skiing along the snow on frosty concrete

      Feeling jovial and declare that life is complete

      These days we don't see any winter wonderlands

      Strolled on the beach, noticing the icy sands

      Once I was ten years old lying in the snow

      Throwing slush at a crowd putting on a show

      We can all dream to have a time like this again

      Pray to god saying a prayer, Amen

      I felt once I was in an undiscovered place called Paradise

      But now all we suffer is prevailing ice

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      *They are all written by me.

      At least have that right!

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      Joe9712 do not be a smart ass about it by posting irrelevant crap.

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      Think I might study this for the leaving cert! Absolutely phenomenal, so useful and really well punctuated! Yeahhhhh

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      You're so hilarious Lukesmiiithy - I can do sarcasm too

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