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    Presentation chocolate1516

    Okay so I have this presentation to the class of Wednesday and I'm dreading it. I've been putting it off for ages, everyone else in my class has done one except me and my teacher keeps pressuring me into it. I suffer very severely from anxiety attacks and I'm a very panicky/depressed/shy person. What can I do to get out of it?

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      Its worth like less than 5% but dont worry to much about it, but still do it. My whole class was nervous in doing it but when your up there its not even bad. All your classmates had to do it. The feeling when you finish is great. Be positive about it :)

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      Didn't they say that the presentation & classroom assessment stuff is cancelled until further notice so that means we wont get that 10% ?

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      Its less than 5% @EA01

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      our teacher said its 10%

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