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    questions about functional writing student331

    I'm so sorry for asking so many questions on this thread. This will be my last one hopefully. I just have some questions about the functional writing.

    How long should instructions be?

    Is instructions and guideline because while I was looking through the papers, there was a question about making guidelines for new employees.

    Is a 'talk' the same format as a speech?

    How many questions should you ask in an interview?

    How long should flyer and minutes be?

    Do you have to write down the headings for all reports or just for reports based on surveys? e.g.title, conclusion, recommendation etc.

    Again, I'm sorry. I'm just wondering because we have three big English books but they give only a sentence about each type of functional writing.

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      *Are instructions and guidelines the same thing I meant to say

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      instructions - 1 /1/2 to 2 pages

      talk is not as formal . its similar but more laidback

      Interview you should ask around 5-6 questions with well developed answers

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      Thank you so much.

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