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Roll of thunder hear my cry quotes needed!!!
Alexandra ichim Junior Cert English — 07/06/16 9

Just wondering if anyone has any quotes from roll of thunder hear my cry .It would be very much appreciated

Darragh MC — 05/06/16
Just make up quotes and put a southern accent on it. The examiner is hardly gonna read through the whole book looking for it��
lollyf — 05/06/16
1. they give us these ole books when they didn't want ' em no more ~ cassie 2. see, them berry's burnin ' wasn't no accident. some white men took a match to 'em ~t.j. 3. visions of night riders and fire mixed in a cauldron of fear awoke me long before midnight ~ cassie 4. they give things and treat me like i'm a man and...they white too... ~t.j. these all show the theme of racial prejudice and injustice and good quotes for characters too. hope this helps
Alexandra ichim — 06/06/16
Thank you so much for the quotes lollyf. I owe you a lot .If you ever need any of your questions answered please do not hesitate to contact me .Also thanks to Darragh MC for the advice ��
Bosco1234 — 06/06/16
Advice never make up qoutes the examiners have read the books and will know if you made the qoutes up
Darragh MC — 06/06/16
Ah well, let them look it up. Make them do a bit of work for a change����
student331 — 06/06/16
No day in all my life have ever been as cruel as this one ( chpt 5 about Strawberry) 'dismal end to a dreary day' (chpt 1 school journey) Spewed clouds of red rust like a huge yellow dragon breathing fire' (about bus. Shows Mildred D.Taylor's style of writing) Imprisoned freedom loving feet accustomed to the feel of the warm earth. (alliteration) Tall emaciated looking boy(about T.J) Meticulously neat six-year old (about Little Man) Watched saucer-eyed (Little Man's reaction to bus. Use of metaphor) Tat-tat of the rain (onomatopoeia) Surrender to the mastery of rain (personification of dust) Miz Lillian Jean (discrimination. White superior to black) The man was a human tree (metaphor about Mr.Morrison) White is something just like black is something (Mama says this to Cassie. Dialogue. Shows that mama is an activist for equality) The night whispered of distant thunder (thunder suggests danger. It is a symbol and motif. The thunder helps them in the end) Roll of thunder, hear my cry Whip in hand to bear me down But I ain't gonna let him turn me 'round (African song of solitude. Links back to title) Dragged savagely by their feet (T.J's family are tortured) Quiet gentle Claude was hauled out (shows insensitivity and violence of night men) I cried for T.J.. For T.J. and the land. (Last sentence of novel. Show Cassie has grown up)
student331 — 06/06/16
*had ever been as cruel *whip in hand to beat me down
Bosco1234 — 06/06/16
I have a full 3 pages of qoutes that my teacher gave for us to learn off if you would like me to send them too you
VOEA — 07/06/16
@Bosco1234 could i please have it
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