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    Speeding up writing comet7852

    For the mocks I got a C. My teacher was impressed and said I would get a higher grade if I wrote more. I've been trying and I have cut my time down to 5 minutes for a paragraph ( 9 lines with an average of 14 words a line ). Any tips on how to shorten this time down to about 3 minutes?

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      Same exact thing happened to me I got a 73 and would have got an A if the examiner could have read my writing because wen I try to write fast my writing becomes messy. I have found that the best thing to do is to learn certain paragraph's for studied questions or essays. What I mean is for example I have a paragraph learnt off about the theme of Fate in Rome and Juilet. By doing this it reduces thinking time and means I just focus on writing . Get the studied questions and the esay out of the way and itwill give you more time for other thing's. Learn 3 stories and then just twist one of them to fit the title in the exam

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