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    Studied Poem TheD57

    Which would be the best and easiest poem to learn off?

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      None of them are really easy but Base Details by Siegfried Sassoon is really short, and Blackberry Picking by Seamus Heaney is good because you only need to know a few quotes from it

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      have at least 4 poems going into the exam. i have daffodils by william wordsworth, lakeisle of innisfree by w.b. yeats, i am kerry and boys of barr na sraide both by sigerson clifford. it is important to have 2 by the same poet, 2 with the same theme and one that is rather broad with many examples of imagery

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      Thank you.

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      Mid term break would be easy to learn off

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      Nicola Madden

      funeral blues by w.d.auden

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      Daffodils by William Wordsworth would be easy👍

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