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    Studied poetry Q?? Cian_8941

    For the question where it said name a poet if I said in the first line "the poem I have studied is 'midterm break' by seamus heaney" and talked about midterm break will I get the marks?

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      I did the same and loads of others did too! I doubt we will get full marks if you didn't talk about poet much.. My answer was so bad I only wrote like a page so i say I'll get nothing :/

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      Yes you would get the marks because you NAMED the poet?

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      Only wrote like a page? Elisha that's good enough. I normally only have half a page...

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      And I get 20/20 marks? Probably because my writing is tiny and sometimes I type (like I do now for my actual JC)

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      Really?? I hope so I'm so annoyed with myself English was the only subject I wanted an a in!!

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      Yes! I'm not joking.

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      I wrote like 3 pages at least on it too

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      Genie mac!

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      About 17 pages on paper 1 and 18 on paper 2

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      Is there anyway to find out what mark you're likely to have gotten?

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      Oh god hahaha I had 7 pages total.

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