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    studied poetry? aine15

    I haven't done much studied poetry, only briefly and the mocks are in 4 weeks! can someone please suggest some poetry I could search myself and study. I was thinking about midterm break by Seamus Heaney but I'm pretty sure he'll come up in the unseen poetry. I have 1 poem but I've heard it's best to have at least 3. please help!

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      I my class studied seamus Heaney for a studied poetry. I don't see a problem with studying his work :) x

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      or you could look through quest and see if there is any poems in there :)

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      Thanks a million emilymcd! I will make sure to take your advice on board :) x

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      11ND - CCM

      I haven't studied any seen poetry and ny teacher refuses to acknowledge that we haven't done any from our previous teachers in 1st and 2nd year.. Uh oh. I might try this too but i don't even know where to find studied peotry haha

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      the lake isle of innisfree

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      Shakespearean sonnets are always good, my class studied sonnet 29 and sonnet 60 :)

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      Shakespeare Sonnet 18 - Shall I Compare Thee. It's a great love poem.

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      Robbie Frost- The Road Not Taken, Out Out,- and Acquainted With The Night- I just study those 3 and you can use them for practically every answer

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      seamus heaney WILL DEFO NOT come up in unseen poetry they wud never do that ! u shud have a poem on death love family and childhood and war to cover all sections :)

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      ive done the lake isle of inish free - wb yeats

      { mid term break , digging, blackberry picking } seamus heaney

      base details - signfried sassoon

      dulce et de cormest

      i give you an onion

      our class has covered all these poems an dtopics which every class shoould and your teacher has not prepared u if u havent done a few poems

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      thanks everyone :)

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      Make sure to do poems by different poets though just in case you have to compare two similar poems or whatever as I think that question may have come up before.

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