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    Studying for junior cert English Elisha447

    I'm wondering have I studied enough for the Studied section on the higher level paper.?

    For fiction I have done to kill a mocking bird.

    For poetry I have done the wild swans at Coole and the road not taken.

    For drama I have done the merchant of Venice ( I also did the field but my teacher said for the hl paper I should write about the other one)

    Is this enough? Will the questions work for what I have studied? Thanks xx

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      id learn another poem just in case you don't have the theme that suits the poem being asked

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      Yes, I agree study another poem and you should be fine!

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      also revise the structures and layouts of functional writing

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      does anyone know how you can improve on the functional writing. I don't know what to write/how to write reports etc

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      Okay thanks!!

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      Would mid term break by seamus Heaney be ok for the poem?

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      You definitely need at least one more poem - we've studied ten. Mid Term Break is really good but I'd recommend also doing the Early Purges by Seamus Heaney as you can be asked to compare two poems with a similar theme or by the same author

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      Ok thank you I studied that poem last year aswell!! X

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      im just wondering how long of a page would you recommend for answering comprehensions

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