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    Sudied Poetry KevinB

    What should i learn for studied poetry,I only got 9/30 in the mock so any advice would be great

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      *studied poetry

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      Make sure you name the poem(s) you're discussing and the poet who wrote them

      Write about the poetic techniques the poet uses e.g similes/metaphors, alliteration, onomatopoeia, imagery etc.

      Write about the themes of the poem

      Use quotes from the poem

      Make sure you ANSWER the question. A lot of marks go for how well you answer the question. Read the question properly and in your answer always refer back to the question

      Check for spelling or grammar mistakes

      Try to use alternative words e.g Heartbroken/depressed instead of sad

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      MysticManiac alternative words are called synonyms haha

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      Ok... I know what synonyms are but ok

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      Just that you didn't say "synonyms" and when I was like, "alternative words?" hahaha, they're called synonyms.

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      ok thank you

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