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    Timing kevin quinn

    What should the timing be for both paper 1 and paper 2

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      Night Valdez

      Paper 1: Reading 30 mins

      Personal writing 1 hour

      Functional writing 30 mins

      Media studies 30 mins

      Paper 2: 25 mins per question, 50 mins in total per section

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      paper1: comprehension about 30 mins, personal writing: 1 hour, functional writing: 30 mins max and media 30 mins aswell. this brings you up to exactly 2 and a half hours so you could spend a little less time on functional writing if you can

      paper2: you should spend 40-45 mins on all 3 sections so that's about 20-25 mins for the seen and unseen sections. not sure if that adds to 2 and a half hours but its a rough idea

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      I think you can spend a full 25 minutes on every question on paper 2 otherwise you have 15 mins left at the end? Am I right?

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      the view

      If you spend 22 and a half minutes on the seen and unseen that would add to 45 minutes per section

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