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    To kill a mockingbird/Romeo and Juliet/Poetry yzaa

    what do we have to learn

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      r+j = know summary for 4 themes, e.g fate, relationships, love, death, hatred, conflict.

      know quotes 15-20 that relate to learned themes but dont take 2 quotes that mean the same thing.

      know characters and how they relate to your themes.

      know order of events in the plot

      poetry: learn key parts of the poem, eg leave out certain parts of longer poems if you feel the images arent vivid or there isnt much to talk about

      learn poems tackling different themes.

      two tackling the same theme. eg base details and dulce et decorum est

      two by one poet. eg Seamus Heaney - early purges, midterm break

      know what poetic techniques are and mean

      KNOW THE POEM'S POET!!!! worth like 2-3 marks out of 15

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      Character - Scout/Atticus (+ quotes)

      Relationship between 2 characters


      Harper Lee's style of writing

      An unexpected development in the plot

      Themes: Prejudice etc.

      Romeo & Juliet:



      Impotant scene

      Staging of a scene eg. costumes, props


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