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What could come up for functional writing ?
Liam1000 Junior Cert English — 07/06/16 6

Anyone know what is most likely to come up on this ?

orlab123 — 07/06/16
Maybe a soldier in a war for 1916, for stories you can't really predict but my main advice is to have a story which fits into some topics
Liam1000 — 07/06/16
aisling2383 — 07/06/16
In functional writing I think that a letter may come up, because a letter hasn't come up in a while :)
johnlawton — 07/06/16
My teacher thinks it could be a blog. It came up in mocks and hasn't been done before? It could be anything really though since it's the last year.
Benmartin — 07/06/16
i have no clue
Liam1000 — 07/06/16
Thanks :)
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