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    Whats the difference between content and style? roro123

    I'm kind of confused- in the sample junior cycle papers theres a speech and they ask "how is this speech engaging to the audience? Refer to both content and style". I don't completely understand the difference, like, would asking questions of the audience be content or style? And would telling jokes be content or style? Could someone please explain this please!! :)

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      Content is what is actually in the speech, so generally what they are speaking about, style is how they have written it. so style would be things like groups of 3 and rhetorical questions. Good luck hope this helped

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      Thank you!! @Saldrock

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      Content = does this speech have a good opening, several strong points and a suitable conclusion? Does it make sense, ie does everything flow into a coherent manner or is it all a bit messy? Are the points good or poor?

      Style = is the speech serious, or light-hearted? Does it contain humour or sarcasm? How does the speaker deliver the speech? Do they use a certain technique a lot, such as rhetorical questions or real-life examples? Is the speech intended to be informative, thought-provoking, etc? Are there particular words/phrases/ways of writing that appear frequently? If the speech is dull and boring you can refer to this here too.

      Those are just some examples I used to try and help you understand the difference. Both of the things you mentioned would be examples of style in my opinion. I haven't seen that question before though, is it one of the SEC's sample questions or is it an Edco/Educate/etc one you had from exam papers?

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      Its in the SEC sample paper 2, about a ted-ex talk. Thanks for your help @A-123St !!! Would you be able to explain to me what tone is?

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      Part of the things I mentioned under style fall under tone too, eg. is it a serious or light-hearted tone? I know you're reading the speech not listening to it, but imagine how the speaker is talking, formal, informal? For example, a best man's speech at a wedding would probably be light-hearted and congratulatory with some humour, whereas a speech by President Obama about climate change would be serious, informative and very persuasive in style. I'll try to summarise it; content is what they're saying, style is the ways in which they're saying the content, and tone is how they sound delivering the speech. Does that make sense?

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      Thanks, it makes so much more sense now! @A-123St

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