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Who can be my Personal Writing saviour contest
adamob544 Junior Cert English — 06/06/16 11

A week to go for English, and I still struggle with personal writing. Ive never been good at it and I really couldn't care much about it tbh. However, considering ive never gotten better than a C in it, and its the highest marking question on Paper 1, I might need to improve in order to not fail :P . Could anybody give general tips on personal writing? I didn't finish either English paper in the mocks, and I don't have a hope in finishing these either, I left this section til last for some reason. It literally takes me hours to write these and theyre shocking. Helllppppp :(

SryanBruen — 01/06/16
Learn off two essays and then try to fit one of the said essays into each past paper somehow. I have learnt off 2 and at least one of them has fitted into every past paper. I am very bad at the personal writing also bud`so I just learn off 2 of me essays - me English teacher even recommended me to.
meganflood — 01/06/16
Okay so make sure you spend 55 mins in the essay. No less. You need that amount of time to get the best results. Make sure that if you're writing a short story, you have a plan, and that you're not just pointlessly writing and writing. Use dialogue to bring characters to life. There is the option of writing a personal essay, and if you want to take that route, plan out what you'll say before you write it out. Think about your tone- you can be personal and friendly or reflective and emotional - it's up to you! Remember to read back over your essay before you hand up your exam to avoid grammar mistakes Best of luck man I'm sure you'll do great!
adamob544 — 01/06/16
Sryan, I acc never thought of doing that :P . I do it for irish, my teacher calls them 'idiot guides' hahaha. What type of essays did you learn? Were they general ones you could change a little to fit the title? Megan, I tried to in the mocks and I didn't finish and got like 20 marks out of 70 haha. That's what really catches me out tbh. I didn't make a plan in the mocks I was just writing writing and writing. I think if I was to make a plan id really mess up my timing. How would you put up with timing in the exam? Do you get stuck for time like me haha? Thanks to both of you! Great tips ;)
SryanBruen — 01/06/16
I learnt these essays Adam by me The Child - You go out to relax the weather and sit in your armchair but suddenly you look across into the park opposite your house and see a young girl living her life in the sand. You flashback to your days when you were such a young age and then start comparing your life with this little girl. You grew up on your own as your parents weren't there for you because they got killed in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp but you luckily escaped. However, the girl's parents are always there for her and even carry her. I Nearly Starved to Death - I go on an expedition in the Wicklow Mountains but I lose my path and soon I bash my head against a rock. You try to call for help and then you get taken to hospital due to your severe injury. These are just short summaries of my essays. Yes, at least one of them has fit into every past paper. Yes, I kind of agree with the Irish tbh because in Irish, it's a matter of learning off phrases, not whole essays.
meganflood — 01/06/16
Yeah I got so stuck for time!! I actually went seven minutes overboard.. I got an A tho hah�� Idk whatever works for you really, all I can say is make sure you put all your effort into that essay! It really is a LOT of marks �� No prob
Aoife_9776 — 01/06/16
Speeches , articles and debates are sometimes easier. I agree with Megan, definitely have a plan. Practice writing it all you can. Read everything you can get your hands on for the next week. A good idea would be to brainstorm characters, settings, or problems. Once a teacher got us to pick a situation, setting and a character out of a hat and write about it. It makes for a different and interesting story every time: really gets your brain working!
SryanBruen — 01/06/16
Only do this if you do really struggle with personal writing like me. If you don't then don't do what I suggested.
adamob544 — 01/06/16
Sryan, Theyre acc good essays, don't worry I wont make mine the same haha. The ideas behind them are pretty good. Megan, Phew at least I'm not the only one haha. Oh jaysus I got a D I barely passed haha :P . I think the only essays I could work with are those that are kinda structured already for you. Like my mock one was : Write a story entitled 'Freedom' that includes all of the following elements: , bla bla bla you get the idea :P . Its like those are pre-planned for you so I can just start writing and hardly put in any thought. Either way theyre shocking for me haha. Ikr pretty much if you do badly in this bye bye high grades :P . Aoife, Articles aren't too bad but id say thyed come up in the Function Writing than Personal :( . I'm shocking at speeches and debates aswell haha, any of those 'write a speech for or against.... ' questions my teacher just told me to stay away from haha. Good tip acc ;) . We never really bothered practicing these much haha our teacher probs didn't want to correct like 30 essays :P . The ones she did correct aren't that great tbh so its hard to judge if mine will be good or not with no teacher to look at it. Sryan, I probably will haha I don't really have a creative mind for this stuff I'm more better at logical stuff like science. I'm acc good at Spanish but I don't know where I got that skill from haha. Thanks again for the great tips! :)
comet7852 — 02/06/16
Ah just write about ur life m8
12345cw — 04/06/16
I wouldn't learn off a story plot if I were you, its too messy. Come up with 1 or 2 characters that you can slot in plots. Then on the day you can mess around with the storyline depending on the title. Speeches are known for being the easiest to get marks in, you just have to make sure your points are clear and the tone is persuasive. I would avoid personal essays as its hard to write 3 pages about an incident in your life, your better off doing a short story, then you can be as creative and dramatic as you want. Definitely give at least 50 minutes to this section, and make sure you use good vocabulary. Hope this helps, I got 65 out 70 in the mocks so this is definitely my strong section.
JulesMoon — 06/06/16
I'm usually a very good English student (92 in mocks) but I've always been quite scared to create short stories on the spot with English even though I normally write, I was advised by my teacher and find it easiest to choose a personal essay (eg; What my friends mean to me) and and treat it to be your diary where you are emotional, honest and indepth. This usually appeals greatly to examiners emotions and is easier to create because what you know best is you! But do pay heed to what '12345cw' said about vocabulary as it can impress the examiner. Yet having said all that- I'm an All Ireland Public Speaking winner so I FIRMLY believe in speeches. My advise with them would be rhetorical questions, anecdotes, appealing to the emotions, using 'we' and 'us', humour, similes even alliteration! Good luck :)
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